Our Ministries

Senior  Pastor : Rev. Rufus Bhimanapalli

Role As a responsible shepherd, lead the congregation, feed them with biblical based teachings, guide and motivate them to serve the Lord. Following are few goals

  • Be responsible to preach and teach the Word of the Lord through the help of the Holy Spirit; interpreting the scriptures biblically
  • Provide counseling to the members who are struggling with difficulties, providing them pastoral care by being present during time of pain and praying for and with them
  • Provide spiritual leadership which includes overseeing the administrative functions for the church by working with the church board and all the Leadership teams.
Qual:     B.Th, M.Th., D.Min
Contact     301.237.0656 (pastor@tcfva.com)

Men’s Ministry

Why As men, we want to empower each other with strong devotional skills, submit to Holy Spirit’s guidance and lead a Christ-centered life. Following are few goals –

  • Teach strong core values for leading a Christ-centered life
  • Help Men to improve spiritually weak areas by applying bible based principles
  • Prepare Men to become disciples of Lord Jesus Christ
When Once a Month (2nd Friday at 7:30 PM ET)
Where TCF Church, Ashburn, VA
Contact Sandeep Davuluri (mensministry@tcfva.com)

Women’s Ministry

Why A pearl by itself is beautiful, but when knitted together with a few others makes a strong and a beautiful strand. Such is God’s purpose for the Women’s Ministry:

  • To understand that we are a masterpiece of God
  • Encourage women to discover their Identity in Christ
  • To develop a strong spirit (or) a strong heart that will cause us to overcome illnesses or physical challenges, financial, relational or emotional challenges; and to remain strong and unwaivered with immovable trust in God’s promises for our lives
When Once a Month (4th Friday at 7:30 PM) WBTC Call Every Friday at 12:00 PM ET
Where TCF Member Residence, Ashburn, VA
Contact Amita Yundurti (womensministry@tcfva.com)

Worship Ministry

Why To enrich individuals from various backgrounds in Church to Worship Christ at all times, in all places and under any circumstances. Following are few goals –

  • Live our motto – W.I.N.E (Worship in Newness Everyday)
  • Cheerfully and Joyfully, motivate congregation to worship our Lord with passion
  • Encourage believers to Worship God by putting Him first in every areas of their lives
When Every TCF Event (Sundays and Weekdays)
Where TCF Church Sunday Service, Fasting Night Prayers and outreach events
Contact Noel Benhur Indrupati (worship@tcfva.com)

Sunday School Ministry

Why We believe in bringing up our children in the fear of the Lord and prepare them for the the great commission. Following are few goals –

  • Teach lessons with effective bible based curriculum with interesting activities
  • Help Kids to apply the lessons learnt, in their daily lives and Personal counselling
  • Encourage Kids to pray, read the Bible everyday & use their talents for the Lord
When Every Sunday
Where TCF Church
Contact Sumalatha Telagathoti (kidsministry@tcfva.com)

Prayer Ministry

Why The foundation of our faith is on Prayer and intercession to our Savior Jesus Christ. We value prayer as it connects us to Christ. Following are few goals –

  • Manage activities to assist Church in prayer related event and activities. Teach and encourage members to pray (and fast) individually and in a corporate setting
  • Connect with Visiting Pastors and Ministries to help with building a prayerful network
  • Manage a database of prayer request to assist members
When Every Day at 5:30 AM, Sunday’s after Church, TCF Fasting Prayer Events
Where TCF Church and Conference Calls
Contact Pallavi Arvind (prayerministry@tcfva.com)

Outreach Ministry

Why To win souls for Christ and to set them on a life long journey with Christ. Following are few goals –

  • Build team and organize events to reach out to make new believers
  • Mentor new believers in Christ
  • Evangelize by reaching out local communities, public places and street preaching
Where TCF Church, Local Churches and groups in Northern Virginia
Contact Daniel Dunston (408.817.0118/outreach@tcfva.com)

Ushering Ministry

Why Serve and demonstrate God’s commission to us and prayerfully promote an atmosphere where congregation can worship our Lord. Following are few goals –

  • Assist church related logistical and support activities
  • Manage visitor and new member relations
  • Collaborate with other Ministries to organize church events
When Sunday Service and all TCF Events
Where TCF Church and Outreach Events
Contact Ashok Gogulamanda (usheringministry@tcfva.com)

Discipleship Ministry

Why Equip Individuals with strong Biblical foundation and strengthen them to draw nearer to God, enable them bring others to God as well. Following are few goals –

  • Educate and reaffirm their relationship with God
  • Believe and Behave like Jesus in all aspects of their lives
  • Become ambassadors for Christ and help draw others towards salvation
When All Things New & All Through Bible programs and Baptisms
Where In Person (at TCF Church) and Online (Out-of-state)
Contact Ravi Kiran and Karuna Kiran (discipleship@tcfva.com)

Media Ministry

Why We know faith comes from hearing and we believe that spoken word, prayer and worship are most critical aspects of church service. Few of our goals are

  • Make the congregation comfortably praise and worship our Lord
  • Provide clear audio and visuals in the church and online
  • Record all sermons and make it available to reach the unreachable
When Every TCF Event (Sundays, Weekdays and Special Events)
Where TCF Church, Outreach and special events
Contact Joseph Sandhyapogu Thomas (media@tcfva.com)

Apart from the ministerial platforms, we have Pastor, Elder and Support personnel who help the Church to run as efficiently as possible.