Worship Service


If you are looking to know who is Jesus, grow more in Holy Spirit, worship God with your full strength and full mind, experience salvation and freedom from darkness of this world, you are at right place. The main goal of TCF is to provide people who have a thirst for Spirit filled worship and powerful word to satisfy the need.


Sunday morning services start at 10:30 AM EST (In-Person and Online). The Communion service is included once in a month on the first Sunday.  Services normally last 2 hours, but may be up to 2:30 minutes when Communion or Special events take place.


Our Praise & Worship includes traditional and contemporary songs in Telugu, Hindi and English language, led by our worship group along with musical instruments.


Services always include Bible reading and prayers for the world.  Additionally if you would like prayer after the service for yourself, your family or friends, Pastor will be available to listen and to pray with you in complete confidence. You are also welcome to make an appointment with our Pastor for spiritual counselling and prayer needs.


The sermon is normally based on a Bible passage or a Christian theme, with spiritual and practical applications to our everyday lives as Christians in the modern world. The ultimate goal of the sermon will be to educate and encourage members and visitors to learn about Christ and to lead a Christ-like life.


Children and Young people will participate during worship time and disperse for their classes after the worship.


An offering is taken at each service, enabling regular worshipers an opportunity to make contributions in gratitude to God towards the finances of the local church and its worldwide mission activity.  It is not necessary to make a contribution if you do not wish to do so and many regular worshipers give in other ways such as regular bank standing orders or pledges. You also can make online contributions.